Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Auguste Rodin : Europe's Famous Sculptor Artist

Auguste Rodin is one the best Europe modern sculptor next to Michaelangelo. He was the artist behind the scultpure "The Thinker".

Rodin  was a prolific French  artist which was considered as one of the best modern sculptor next to Italian sculptor and painter, Michaelangelo (1475 – 1564).  He was inspired by the works of  Michaelangelo  and visited Italy in 1875 to study the latter's work.

Rodin  works are displayed for many years on different world museums who gained popularity, acclaim, but also created debates   for his controversial pieces.  His collection of  works were unusual, ambitious, dramatic, realistic, and unconventional  in nature. 

Inspite of the controversies, Rodin popularity grew and made commissioned works for  government  and various art entities.  Among his prominent  followers and defender were  fellow artist Claude Monet (impressionist painter), Claude Debussy (classical innovator composer), and  George Clemenceau (journalist and French Prime Ministerduring the period of 1906-1909 and 1917-1920).

Rodin's Famous Work
The Age of Bronze (1877).  After visiting Italy, he was immediately commissioned to do this sculpture, a nude male figure who received praises and on the other hand condemned by critics.

The Gates of Hell (1878). A huge bronze door  Inspired by Dante's "Divine Comedy".  He was commissioned to do this to serve as a monumental  entrance to a new  museum of decorative arts.
The Thinker (1882).  This piece is originally named as ThePoet  and regarded as a man in deep meditation, also  represents intellect and poetry.

The Kiss (1886). Rodin was commissioned to do this sculpture for Universal Exhibition 1889.
The Burghers of Calais(1889). A monumental sculpture of heroes located at Victoria Tower Gardens Central London, England.  This sculpture is just next to Westminster Abbey and west of Houses of Parliament. Other works includes Monument to Victor Hugo, Monument to Balzac, Monument to George Bernard Shaw, Monument to Pope Benedict XV, and other famous men during his period.

Rodin works are also exhibited on other parts of the world in France, Belgium, Germany, California, New York City, Tokyo, and Singapore.

Original works can be seen on his museum at  Musée Rodin at Hotel Biron in Paris, France.  The museum opened in August 4, 1919  two years after his death.  Rodin donated his large collection of works including his painting collections to the French State with a request that Hotel Biron would become a museum in honor of his works.
In 1882, Rodin first exhibited one of his works, Bust of St John the Baptist at  the Royal Academy of Arts, and   his other famous works were exhibited on September 2006  to January 2007.

Europe continues to discover modern sculptor artists where his influences still exist and considered him as the grandfather of younger generation of sculptors.