Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Moms Shopping and Preparation Ideas for Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables  are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances which our body needs.    We need each nutrient of the different fruits and vegetables to have the nutrition benefits.   

Oftentimes, we do not eat sufficiently, we eat only what is available and easy to prepare.  How can you be sure that you are getting the proper nutrients which your body requires?  Good knowledge of fruits and vegetables will help us to have a healthy diet.  We can prevent or fight some diseases if we know what to get from the kitchen, here is a short list of  fruits and vegetables and its benefits:

Apples.  Because of its fiber content, apples blocks diarrhea  and protects the heart.  It also keeps the lungs healthy. 
Apricots.  Combats cancer, controls blood pressure, save your eyesight, helps in Alzheimer’s disease.
Avocados.  Battles diabetes, lowers cholesterol, controls blood pressure
Banana.  Protects your heart, relief for cough, good for the bones
Blueberries.  Combats cancer, protects heart, stabilizes sugar, boosts memory
Broccoli. Saves eyesight, combats cancer, protects heart
Cabbage.  Combats cancer, prevents constipation, promotes weight loss, protects heart
Potatoes.  Sweet and white potatoes are rich in potassium which helps regulate the blood pressure.  Other sources of potassium are  white beans, lima beans, cooked greens while carrots and prunes are better to take  as juices.

Shopping Tips

Cooking without the needed ingredients can be frustrating, so make sure all items are complete by writing the down the things to buy before going to the supermarket.

Choose wisely when buying them in the supermarket.  It should be fresh produce so you can  still consume for three to four days. Just buy what you need to avoid overbuying  and spoilage.  You may also buy canned, dried, and frozen items for later use in the week. 

Do not choose injured vegetables, they easily decay.

Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season where supply are plenty, they are in best shape,  and prices  are low.  Build your menu from them to take advantage of the season.

Place them in crisper  of  refrigerator to stay fresh except for tomatoes, potatoes, and bananas.

Preparing for your Family

Creating a menu for the family everyday can be tasking for moms, sometimes its already boring to have the same recipes.  Generally, kids are not interested on vegetables and it is hard to convince them to eat for health reasons.  It is a challenge to have variations in creative ways to make it more attractive for the whole family. 

Eperimenting can be fun and involving the family in preparing will be an exciting activity for everybody. While preparing, kids can be taught of the health values of fruits and vegetables so that they will be able to appreciate it more.  Schedule every week new recipes for them, here are some ideas for your next cooking treat:

Make a homemade healthy vegetable pizza. Select vegetables appealing to the taste of the family especially of the kids. 

Try “candied” vegetables that are more attractive to kids, herb butter for vegetable toppings.  Fruits are best juices with different combination mixes. 

Schedule a special trip to nearby farm so kids will be able to experience how fruits and vegetables are cultivated.  Buy fresh produce which is a lot more cheaper if bought from them.