Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Markets: Traditional Swiss Christmas Shopping at Basel

Christmas Market at the old Swiss city of Basel is located at the borders of Switzerland, France, and Germany.  It is considered one of Europe’s best Christmas travel destination and worth to visit every year. 

Basel is a city rich in history and during the holiday season, the place especially century old buildings are illuminated with glittering colorful lights and tall pine trees  to bring a welcoming and festive atmosphere.  There is also a big chance to experience a Swiss winter white Christmas.  For children, Basel’s  Christmas city experience is like a fantasy magical world.

 There are more than a hundred different stalls and wooden huts selling traditional Swiss creations.  Traders from all over the region exhibits their quality arts and crafts for the visitors across the globe. Gifts of wide range of stylish hats, toys, jewellery, and food stuffs such as chocolates, cheese, cinnamons, spices, wines, breads, and other traditional goodies are on sale. Enjoy shopping on top shops along the streets with variety of items to choose from.  During the advent period, the sound of Christmas concerts and chimes are being heard to the delight of the visitors. 

Other Swiss Christmas Markets can be found in   Zurich and Bern, but the most  beautiful and exciting is the one in Basel.

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