Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Markets in Switzerland

Aside from Basel Christmas Market which is the biggest and the popular one, there are other various Christmas Markets around Switzerland.  

Montreux Christmas Market
Montreux Noel traditional Christmas activities are set to give entertaintment and fun shopping experience to visitors along with the visit Lake Geneva.  

Bern Christmas Market
Experience Bernese Christmas Market which is a  long time tradition for this city.

Zurich Christmas Market
During advent season, Zurich is full of cheery light and the sounds of the Christmas concerts are heard while the nearby River Limmat listens.  The atmosphere is filled with cinnamon and wine scents while  the Christmas market are being held.  Visitors can truly enjoy their travel and shopping with the festive celebration  

Strabourg Christmas Market
Strabourg is the capital city of Alsace region where the famous sandstone cathedral is located.  The biggest Christmas market hosted in Strabourg  is the “Christkindelsmarik” (the Alsatian word to define Christmas market), the oldest Christmas market way back in 1570 visited by many people in the heart of Petite France during the holiday season. 

At the Place Brogie city centre.  Christmas decorations, Father Christmas items, ceramic gift items, small figurines of nativity scene, other crafted toys, wide variety of Christmas food including St. Nicholas pastries and butter cookies.  Other attractions within the market area are street performers and Christmas carols in the air. 

Plan your travel in advance and pack your luggage for an exciting Christmas  shopping travel adventure.