Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Visiting Winchester Cathedral, House of Treasures

The Winchester Cathedral located in the  ancient city of Hampshire, England is the longest medieval Cathedral with its origins back in seventh century  when a Christian church is built on the site.  It is now the Mother Church of the Diocese of Winchester, Church of England and a major tourist destination in England. 

The Cathedral was built with splendid architecture, finest work of art, and houses treasures of history.  Among included are the tombs or crypts where ancient kings and bishops were buried here, monuments, chantry chapels with 12th and 13th century wall paintings, various works of art such as woodstone, needlework, sculpture and others. 

Aside from appreciating the Cathedral’s treasures, visitors are welcome to participate on the church services, light a candle or pray in silence.

Areas at the Winchester Cathedral
The Nave and Quire areas  where many Cathedral pieces are situated.  The Nave was remodeled in 1400 from Romanesque to Gothic style architecture.  
The Retrochoir,  the area behind the Quire the site of the patron saint St. Swithun’s shrine
The Visitor Center, the souvenir shop and restaurant.    
The Inner Close, buildings such as The Pilgrim’s Hall, The Deanery and Cheyney Court
The Library and Triforium, it contains important documents and sculptures 
Dean Garnier Garden

It has been one of the film locations for the movie “ Da Vinci Code” starring Tom Hanks.

Visitor information:
The Cathedral Office,
1, The Close, Winchester Hampshire
Tel.:  01962 857200 Fax: 01962 857201
Visiting time:  8:30am to 6:00pm