Monday, October 3, 2011

Prevention and Symptoms of Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever is a common illness that strikes everyone either children or adults. 

How to prevent Typhoid fever
Cook food properly and observe proper hygiene. Make it a habit that you wash hands frequently especially before and after cooking.  Vegetables and fruits should be washed thoroughly.  

Avoid eating outside where food are exposed to bacteria and pollution.  Teach children not to buy food on streets, it is advisable to have their own packed lunch or snacks.  

Always keep containers clean and and covered.

Make yourself protected from vaccination against typhoid.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Typhoid fever
Do not ingnore a fever when it occurs, consult your doctor immediately.  A common fever  can be a symptom of an underlying serious illness.   Typhoid fever can be transmitted by people who  arrived from a travel abroad in a country where there is a poor sanitation.  In countries where there is flies and open sewage causes a disease transmission.  When the flies  picks up the bacteria from the sewage and  food are contaminated, the bacteria gets in to the digestive tract.  With high numbers of bacteria in the bloodstream it causes high fever to an individual.

Typhoid fever has other symptoms such as constipation, headache,fatigue, joint pain, and rose spots on the abdomen.  The normal and accurate diagnosis is doing the  blood culture test through samples of stool, urine, and bone marrow for microscopic testing.