Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Power of Corporate Dressing

First impression last, could it be true?  In a corporate world, the power of corporate dressing does matter to gain respect and create a good impression from  others either working inside or outside the office.  The physical appearance is the first to be noticed before one can say a single word that is why a good image with a businesslike attitude of dressing is a must in business. 

The power of dressing usually commands respect and attracts success starting it right with a good image.  If a company is represented by its employees, they are expected to dress according to the company’s image and culture. Certain industries requires formal dressing such as Banking,  Information Technology, Investment, Insurance, Hotel Industry etc. while Advertising and other creative industries are less formal and stylish. 
Dressing appropriately exudes credibility and  professionalism while dressing inappropriately particularly in a formal business meeting will give a message of incompetence and does not create a good first impression.  Although the code of corporate dressing is still being observed,  new breed of young professionals from the  new age generations are becoming more open with their style either for formal or informal occasions.  Fashion designers are also  exploring  new  wardrobe possibilities tailored  to young professionals which are now being accepted in the corporate world.

Here is a list of top corporate dressing ideas:
Blend your wardrobe in the culture of the office and the industry you are working with your personal style.  Your unique style of dressing will create your own image.

One way of creating a style is experimenting with accessories. Neck ties, belts, scarf, jewelry, cuff links, and other accessories add more style.  Handbags, and shoes  should go with the dress appropriately.

When shopping for your wardrobe, always go for quality product. Investing and choosing the right product is the best that you can have your money's worth.  Other things to consider  are it should fit to your body shape and comfortability.

Keep atleast the classic colors or the basic ones like black, grey, and blue for formal working suits.  These colours are easy to mix and match.  

Save some stripe suits, it commands power and advisable for important meetings.
Rule of thumb  is do not overdressed or to be too casual.  But for semi-formal occasions, go for smart casual outfits.