Saturday, August 20, 2011

What Makes a Successful Salesman?

What makes a successful salesman?  The meaning of success can mean different things to people.  But when it comes to being a salesman, it is the accomplishment of being able to sell or close a deal.  Being a successful salesman is not an overnight success, but rather it takes time to  build  oneself that requires a lot of courage, passion, and hardwork

Selling Points for a Salesman 
Physical Appearance.  Neither body nor mind can function without it.  Before you can say any word your appearance speaks about you.  Create a positive image to establish trust and confidence from your customer.

Courage and Self Confidence.  Presenting yourself, your product, or services  requires self-confidence and courage. Be able to handle pressure and intense competition in the business.   To have more confidence,  know your business and  your product well in order for others to have confidence in you .

Communication Skills.  Exude enthusiasm and aggressiveness through words. It is important that you are able to communicate what you have to offer.

Learn from successful sales leaders and work what you have learned.   Learn from those who succeeded before you by  learning from their experiences and work out what you can apply.

The art of persuasion.  “Do not force them to drink, make them thirsty”  is one of the most effective persuasive selling point.