Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flavors and Cooking Uses of Selected Herbs and Spices

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Herbs and spices comes with different flavors and so it also differs on its uses.  It is good to experiment and try various herbs to its cooking uses.  Try something every week!

ANISE (Sweet, similar to licorice)
As flavoring in cookies,candies and pastries; also in Poultry dishes.
BASIL (Pungent, somewhat sweet)
Fresh Tomato dishes, with eggplant, for pesto, in Thai and Vietnamese foods,addition to
salads and many cooked vegetables.
BAY (Mild)
In soups, stews and tomato sauces, and in shellfish boils. Remove leaf before serving.
CELERY SEED (Strong, pungent celery flavor)
As a replacement for celery stalks in cooking; as a flavoring in tomato juice, sauces and
CHIVES (Sharp,onion or garlic flavor)
Garnish, blended with soft cheeses,added to salads
CLOVES (Sweet or bittersweet)
Add to sweet dishes or as a contrast in stews and curries.
CORIANDER (Spicy, sweet or hot)
In cakes, cookies, breads, as a pickling spice or in curry mixtures
NUTMEG (Warm,sweet)
Good for cakes and cookies as well as in sweet potatoes
MARJORAM (delicate)
For soups, stews, and marinades.

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