Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Effects of Computers and Gadgets to Health

Android tablet

Technology aims to provide us with convenience, speed, mobility, and advancement to everyday lives.  Computers, monitors, smartphones, mobile media players, easy  accessibility to internet rules nowadays. Gadgets has become an indispensable thing to some or to many even having withdrawal syndrome if one of the gadgets is lost.    There can be many advantages but there are also disadvantages brought by technology particularly with health. 

Are you experiencing “techno stress”?  Do you have a fear of being disconnected? Overzealous urbanites lives a fast-paced and glued  life with gadgets like smartphones ,latest Tabs or notebooks to connect with others through social networking websites such as    Facebook, Twitter and alike. 

Study shows that those who are frequent computer users experience stress manifested by hunched shoulders, dilated eyes, and  rapid heartbeat.  Because of desire for speed and performance, we tend to be impatient and dissatisfied easily if the gadget fails to satisfy our needs and wants.  Since the hands and wrist are the most used by computer users,  another health concern for them is the carpal tunnel syndrome.  Those who sit for a long period of time and doing repetitive actions such as typing, mouse clicking, or gamers risking the wrist.

The coming of the LCD and the LED replaces the CRT monitors which emits small amount of UV radiation that could affect our health.

Technology may seem to have disadvantages but we are the one who can make it as an advantage.  To make these gadgets our slave instead of the other way around.  Moderation is the key for everything and putting  things in perspective.  Unplugging oneself, reboot, logout, or “electronic detox” is necessary to take sometime reconnect your life to yourself.