Monday, July 18, 2011

Speech Articulation: Tongue Twisters (Series 1)

Tongue Twisters are passed into generations for many years.  Among its benefits are to help in speech articulation, may cure hiccups, and other speech problems.  This has been also used by Dentists for patients testing to fit the dentures, by broadcasting students, and trainors who usually talks to people.

Here are some other tongue twisters you can practice aside from the famous "Peter Piper pick a ....".  Have fun with these tongue twisters!

Oily the Ox was one of the oldest oxen in the Oxford.  Obstinate Omar owned Oily the Ox.  Obstinate Omar wanted to obtain an onyx for Olive.  Otis and Owen bought Olly the Ox.  Obviously obstinate Omar sold Olly the Ox in order to obtain the Onyx for Olive.  Otis and Owen objected that it occurred to obstinate Omar to omit the observation that Olly the Ox was one of the oldest oxen in Oxford.

Little London lamp lighters lighting London’s little lamps.

Lilly and Lila lived along a lonely lane.  Lila and Lily liked lilacs and lilies.  Lila liked lovely lilies and Lily liked lovely lilacs.  Lily and Liva lavished the lovely lilacs and lovely lilies on the likeable ladies living along the lamentably lonely lane.

So with thirty thousand thumbs they thumped on thirty thousand drums.

Whether the weather be fine or Whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold or
Whether the weather be hot, we’ll
Weather the weather whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not.

There was a young lady named Sue
Who wanted to catch the 2: 02
Said the trainman, “Don’t hurry
Or flurry or worry;
It’s a minute or two to 2:02.