Saturday, July 9, 2011

Musical Instruments: Carillon, Sleigh Bells, Chimes, Oboe, Trumpet

Aside from the contemporary instruments such as piano, guitar, and drums.  Here are some other musical instruments that are interesting to know.

Carillons are set of bells cast and tuned to extreme accuracy and purity.  Their sizes varies from ten pounds to tens of thousands of pounds.  The word carillon was originally relates to France  four stationary clock bells and later referred to any group of fixed bells.  Two largest Carillon built with 72 bells were in the Riverside Church in New York and for Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago.

Sleigh Bells
This instrument is often used for Christmas carols frequently used to create the atmosphere of winter scenes in a holiday music.  The familiar jingle sound is produced by loose metal pellets in small round metal balls attached to a leather strap.

Chimes instrument is one of the important sources of music in the middle ages used as substitute for huge Carillons.  They are used in musical performances particularly in churches.  Up to this day, Chimes is still being used in different performances.

Oboe or Hautbois a treble member of the woodwind family.   It has a conical bore and double reed mouthpiece.   A popular instrument  in Europe even on early years, its thin quality of tone makes it popular for over the years. 

A brass-wind instrument with a cup-shaped mouthpiece and its own characteristics tone.  There had been three types of Trumpet:  The natural trumpet, the slide and double side Trumpets, and the valve trumpet which has become the popular one among the three.