Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finding Happiness at Work

Finding happiness at work is one of the most common human pursuit.  Whether work is seen as a means of living or a venue to use our skills and talents.  Doing things the same kind of work day in and day out for years requires love for work to sustain or else work becomes a drag.  Which could lead to work stress and burnout.  With happiness at work, one can have sustained energy and motivation.

Identifying your passion.  Doing what you love to do while earning is a key in finding happiness at work.  If your motivation is your passion, money becomes secondary only. If one works only for money, there will be no true happiness.  There is no contentment when it comes to money, but rather there should be a sense of fulfillment.

When you know the work that makes you happy, you will be able to put all your love, energy, and creativity into it.  Not all the time there is money at work, there will be ups and downs but your passion will keep you going.
Compete with yourself and perform hundred percent.    Every work has its own challenge and accepting these challenges will make your work more meaningful.  After proving that you will be able to perform the work well there is a sense of fulfillment and greater meaning of it.

Focus, Focus, and Focus.  Distractions can be many but with a focused mind leads to a job well done.  Do not measure your abilities against others and do not underestimate your capacities.