Friday, June 24, 2011

Travel Tips: Staying Safe While in a Hotel Room

Staying safe while travelling is important even if you are in a hotel room.

Keeping alert while you are in a hotel room is necessary inspite of the security provided by the hotel.  Many crimes and untoward incidents takes place in hotels especially in a country side areas or unfamiliar places..  Here are some tips to keep you safe and sound:

Always take care of your room keys and make sure that  you know where it is at all times.

In choosing your room, avoid those too near from exits.  Criminals always look for an easy access way out.

Never open your hotel door without looking at the peephole first.  Do not open if you do not know the person and  if you are not  expecting a visitor.  If it looks a hotel personnel and you did not called for it, call the hotel information immediately.

Never invite strangers or acquaintance you just met to your room.  Transact your business outside your room, meet them in public  places such as restaurants.   Criminals used to be in disguise as nice persons.

Protect your Valuables
Keep your important things secure inside the hotel, valuables can be kept in a safety deposit of your hotel.

When leaving the hotel, do not leave a laptop or other tech gadgets lying on the bed or in the room. Properly close them and put it inside the luggage bag.

A laptop is recommended to have a password protection and only bring important computer files on the laptop while travelling.  Back-up and just leave other data back home.