Friday, June 24, 2011

Travel Tips: Protect Yourself While Travelling

Protect yourself while travelling either you are inside the hotel room or outside in public places.

Tourist attractions are the main target of thefts since tourists are not familiar with the place and  its people. 

 1.  Be alert on people who will get your attention by distracting you with questions.  Thefts do not usually go alone, they work as a group.  You are distracted by one, others will try to get your wallet or bag.

 2.  Crowded places or in public transportation such as buses, trains, and subways are also prone to pickpockets.  Keep your bag close to your body and be alert to those who jostle you.

3.  Bring the bulk of your cash on an internal pouch and  just allot small amount for petty expenses.

 4.  Protect your valuables  especially if you bringing laptop, camera, and other valuable things outside.

 5.  Be aware of the motorcycle or bicycles passing behind.

 6.  Do not make yourself an easy target, here are some of the people you should be aware of :
  • People who are around you while you are in a bank or an ATM machine.
  • Sitting in parked cars and they are looking at your direction.
  • Loiterers in public places such as in parking lots, alleyways, and doorways.           
 Avoid dangerous places where you can be easily attacked:
  • Isolated and badly lit ATM machines.
  • Isolated streets,. Elevators, rest rooms, laundromats, building exit area especially at night.
7.  If you have your own car, read “Things to Avoid Car Thefts” for safety tips.

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