Saturday, June 11, 2011

Travel Tips : Arriving at The Destination Airport

After waiting from the flight, arriving at the destination airport can be tiresome. Getting the luggage bags is another waiting time, a worst thing that could happen is not being able to get luggage bags on time.

When getting your bags, make sure that you have the right luggage bags.  Colorful luggage bags are recommended since many bags are look alike.

If your bag is open, unlocked, or damaged, report immediately to your airline before leaving the airport.  Check the contents if there are missing or damaged.  Having a list of your things is advisable for easy reference.  

In case your luggage is lost:
Report your problem immediately and fill out the claim report.  Have your claim checks ready, if the airline takes them, make sure this is noted on all copies of the claim report.
Write down the detailed description of your luggage for them to easily identify your luggage.  Leave them a list of the contents of the missing luggage.   

Ask if your lost luggage will be delivered to your house or hotel without charge.  Is there any reimbursement or compensation you can claim for the airline liability for loss, delay, or damage it caused you.

Do not forget the copy of your claim report.  Get the name, position, and contact details of the airline personnel who assisted you for follow-up.