Monday, June 13, 2011

Travel Guide : Airport Departure Tips

Start your hassle free trip by arriving at the airport early. Do you have unforgettable travel experience?
For those who travel overseas, airport hassles is a no-no to any trip.  There are so many consequences if you miss the trip, if your luggage bags are lost, etc.   To avoid missing the trip, re-confirm plane reservations before the flight atleast a day or two before the travel date.

Avoid checking-in at the last minute, it will create a stressful trip and some delays.  Check-in at the airport atleast an hour before the flight.  Give allowance to commuting time especially if you are not familiar yet with the way to the airport.  If you are having a car rental service, make a reservation before the travel date and emphasize the required time they are needed.

Make sure that you have all the necessary travel requirements before leaving your house or hotel.
During check-in, make sure that the airport personnel attach a destination tag to each of your luggage bags.  Check for the three-letter code of your destination airport.  Before leaving, make sure that you have the claim check for all your bags.

Seniors  or sick people can ask for assistance from airline personnel to accompany them in going to the airplane and give assistance during the flight.

While boarding the plane, make sure that you have the right seat assignment.  Check airplane ticket seat number, remember that it is better to be early so you can properly store your carry-on luggage in one of the overhead bins.

Bring some food inside your carry-on luggage such as small sandwiches, biscuits, or chocolates in case you will be hungry before the in-flight meals are served.