Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to Achieve a Favorable Attitude in the Office

Having a favorable attitude is generally beneficial to yourself, co-employees, and to the whole organization of the company.

Take the constructive side of every situation in the office.  Deal with the problem proactively and see the positive side of it.  Focus on the solutions and not reiterating what happened and pointing fingers to others.

Think optimistic and show enthusiasm, it is contagious.  Expect the unexpected but do not let it affect your spirit to be depressed by it.  Keep working to be more productive rather than dwelling on what happened.

Give others a self importance and self worthiness regardless of their position in the office.  Respect others opinion.

Keep values and bring it to your work.

Common Office Manners

Never discuss salaries to other employees.  If you have problems with your own, talk to your superior and the Human Resources Department.

Do not create intrigue against other employee and play office politics.

Keep a formal attitude towards executives or higher in rank.

Avoid personal calls unless it is an emergency call from family or relatives.

Do not make a habit to take the blame to others.  Always be responsible for your acts and subordinates.

Always make allowances for others and give the benefit of the doubt.  Make a proper investigation and gather data before making judgment.