Wednesday, June 1, 2011

C-Walk A Forbidden Dance?

Because of the origin associated with C-Walk to notorious street Crip Gang, some school principals did ban the dance with a fear of the gang rivalries and create violence. Parents are quite alarmed if their kids see skipping thinking that they have joined a gang.

Serious gang rivalries sprung between the Crips Gang (identified in blue color) founded in Los Angeles, California on the year 1969 by Raymond Washington and Stanley Wiiliams, is one of the largest and most violent street gang in the United States. While the Bloods Gang (red in color),  also founded in Los Angeles, California in summer of 1972 with same or more violent activities than Crips. Later members increased in the United States and other parts of the Europe.

But some C-Walkers mostly teenagers contends that they are dancing only for fun, and actually not gang members. It will only cause a fight if done in the wrong place or town where there might be some rival blood gang members, and if the C-walk is done with gang hand signs affiliated where Crip gang members popularized by its members.
Now the dance is hardly  banned because of its wide popularity, and already became part of the hip hop culture. It is just a regular dance says C-walkers who just want to have fun and want to master the moves of the dance. C-Walking competitions are held in hip hop dance clubs and some parties.
A dance considered unacceptable until it became popular on the mainstream. Tango, polka, and waltz dance style had been banned for a time that looks scandalous as coupled danced too close together.  In the 1980’s, “dirty dancing” as depicted in the movie starred by the late Swayze so as Lambada, a Brazilian dance  were banned for their sexy moves.

Whether C-Walk is just a trendy dance, it is still advisable for parents to take a look into their kids activities, who they hangout with, and the music they listen to.  For the oldies who can still spin,jump, hop get ready to sweat it out and enjoy the dance craze too.

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