Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ways to Prevent Fire Incident at Home

Common causes of fire incidents are faulty electrical wirings, careless cooking, unattended children playing with matches, and  appliances related fire incidents. Emergency preparedness at home should be a top priority that one of the things people normally forget. Protect yourself, your family, and property by doing precautionary ways to prevent fire incident at home :

1. Have a periodic check up of your house electrical wirings.

2.  Do not run electric cords under rags.

3.  Call a professional electrician for any electrical repairs, do not attempt to repair it yourself if you are not familiar with it.

4. Do not heat paint or other polishing substances over open flames.

5. Do not allow your electric iron to overheat, nor leave it while still on.  Make sure to turn if off or unplug it first if will be away for quite sometime.

6. Keep matches out of the reach of children.

7. Be sure to crush fully the discarded cigars with your foot before leaving.  Never throw a cigar into waste can with papers on it.

8. Never strike matches in combustive materials and volatile liquids like alcohol. 9. Keep the emergency number handy and train even small children how to call for help.

10. It is advisable to have the following firefighting devices at home :