Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Twitter Power Tools and Applications

Twitter useful tools and applications  to optimize your tweeting experience.
Mozilla Power Twitter is an excellent tool for Twitter users.

Mozilla "Power Twitter" Add-On
Features within your Twitter interface :
View videos YouTube, Flickr, TwitPic, Google Maps,, and all sorts of playable/viewable media
Link expansion
Link translation to page titles
Search scoped to a specific user
Status history peeking on mouseover
Facebook status updates
Custom settings
@mentions of friends on profile pages
Photo uploading
Link shrinking
#dailyquestion Now is the time to level up your tweeting experience.

ManageFlitter This is the easiest tool to manage your followers. Unfollow the people who do not follow you back, and also get rid of people who tweets too much. The site offers a one-click easy to use tool which will take you only a minute to finish the process.

Features :
Those who do not follow you back
Those who are not active within a month
Those that do not tweet often
Those that tweet too often
You have the option to retain those who are verified and popular accounts most likely celebrities, and other personalities. Eventhough they do not follow you, you might still want to follow them for their tweet updates.

How to use :
Open manage twitter site
Connect to your twitter account by choosing "allow" option the site to access and update your data 
The result will appear and choose your preference those you want to unfollow

Twitterholic  Find out who are the most popular twitter users and follow them.