Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trivia about Computers

Computer is considered as one of the most powerful device in the field of technology.  It is interesting to know certain facts about the beginning of  advanced computers nowadays.  Here are some trivia adapted from  1001 Amazing Tech Facts .  Know more about the history of computers, Apple, window operating systems, and softwares.

Microsoft Windows 95 is one of the earliest computer Operating System.
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An American mathematician Claude Elwood Shannon is usually called the father of Information Theory.
Intel is short for Integrated Electronics.

In 1975, the electric pencil was considered the first word processing software.  Then on the same year, Wordstar processing software was also released.

1981 was the year that PCs began.  IBM debuted the IBM PC. Microsoft shipped it with BASIC. The operating system, too, was developed by Microsoft.

In 1976, The Apple I home computer was released.

In 1993, the giant microchip company Intel released the Pentium processor with a 60 MHz processor which was sold for $878 apiece.

In 1995, Microsoft Windows 95 was released which was sold like a hotcake with  million copies within the first four days of its launch.

In 1971, the floppy disk was invented.

Pacman, one of the most popular arcade games of all times was released in 1980.