Monday, May 16, 2011

Internet Marketing: Common Rich Media Types

Size, format,  and type of advertising used by advertisers are factors to be considered for Internet marketing.  Different rich media types requires special authoring tools to create dynamic motion for the ads such as flash  and video editing softwares from Adobe.  The quality and speed of a rich media advertisement relies on the delivery process such as high quality compression to create a smaller file size without affecting the web page loading times.   Also consider the connection speed of users different bandwithds. Rich media advertising dominates Internet marketing with common rich media types, here are some of them;
Video ad format for rich media advertising.
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Common Rich Media Types
  • Expandable Banners and badges (HTML,Plug-in, Java)
  • Interstitials (Transitional/Inline,Pop-up windows, Unicast Superstitials)
  • In-stream medias or “streaming media” streaming audio/video advrtisements, Video blog)
  • Floating medias (Flying ads, cursors, scrolling, eyeblaster)
  • Video games or “Advergaming
  • Flash animations,Avatars, and widgets
The technology  which comes from the latest computers, mobile, and other devices are the channels for rich media advertising equipped with necessary plug-ins.   For online marketing, decide what message you want to deliver to your viewers or target market, choose the right rich media type for your advertisement, and appropriate marketing campaign techniques to achieve your goals.

Marketing campaign can be channeled through  computers, can be accessed or  downloadable to mobile phones.  Social media websites are  among the first target market of these advertisements which has a wider visibility to consumers.