Monday, May 2, 2011

How to Keep Safe During Christmas Season

When the month starts with “ber” it means there are more than three months away from December, the Christmas season is  the most awaited and festive time of the year.  Home decorations, celebrations, family gatherings, and dinner get-together means more shopping and cooking.   Putting up decorations especially the Christmas tree is the traditional symbol of the season. It is the centerpiece of all Christmas decorations.  But it has been reported every year as the leading causes of fire incidents in many countries.

Plan your Christmas activities in advance including Christmas safety tips to keep your holiday happy and safe.
House Safety
  • Do not purchase Christmas lights with second hand quality or choose a reputable store when shopping. It should be approved with a UL (Underwriters Laboratories) tag on the cord. Examine the items and never accept with broken cords or frayed wires.
  • Choose Christmas tree ornaments that are flame resistant.
  • Place the Christmas tree at the corner of the room or any place that does not obstruct passageways on stairways or doors.   Always think of safety first over beauty.
  • Secure the tree away from big things to prevent from falling.  Safety of children  should be the primary concern.
  • Use electrical cords that are properly insulated.
  • Do not use too much extension cords or electrical multiple connections to prevent a fire incident. One of the major causes of fire incidents are short circuits and faulty wiring.
  • short circuits and faulty wiring.
  • Never touch live wires and sockets with wet hands.
  • It is still advisable to disconnect lights before going to bed.
  • More parties during the holiday season means more cooking, and unattended cooking is the second cause of home fire incidents.  Get hold of the fun and excitement by keeping an eye on the gas ranges. 
  • In hosting parties, provide enough ashtrays for visitors.
  • Christmas season is also the time for parties, family gatherings,reunions and or on a holiday lvacation.  When the house is left with nobody, make sure that Christmas lights are unplug before leaving.
  • Domestic burglary  are rapidly increasing for  atleast one house is being burgled every 50 seconds.  Very few people invest in home security systems and even careless leaving the house with open windows,doors, and garage.  Burglaries are more common during holidays where house is left unoccupied.  Have enough house lighting outside the house and make it appear that it looks occupied.  Remember the funny 1990 Home Alone Christmas movie?

Safety Shopping
When you think of Christmas it can also mean shopping where people go with the holiday rush.
  • Always be alert and be aware of thefts and pickpockets waiting for their next victim. 
  • Do not bring too much cash when shopping, better to use credit card instead.  
  • Do not flaunt your wallet a lot, be wary of strangers looking around.
  • Try to avoid too crowded places.  But the  best solution to avoid the holiday rush is to plan and go shopping in advance when you can have more time and have fun shopping.