Monday, May 23, 2011

Food and Wine: White Wine and Red Wine

     White wine

White wine is generally served before the red wine. This is best with fish, shellfish,white meat, poultry, veal and dish with cream sauce.

White wine for dishes made of cream sauce.

Red wine
Red wine for dark meat, chicken, rabbit, tuna and salmon.

Light-bodied wine served before full-bodied.  Light-bodied wine for lighter dish while full-bodied wine for richer dish.

Sparkling wine of Champagne is expensive because it uses the “Methode Champenoise, the classical method of making Champagne which uses the traditional techniques of second fermentation in the bottle and the fermentation process is a hands-on operation.

Drink the same type of wine included in the cooking of a dish.

Make sure to rinse mouth with water before drinking a different wine.

Some of Wine’s Aging Process

White Wine :
Chenin Blanc (1-3years)
Viogner (1-3years)
Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio (1-4years)
Muscadet (1-5 years)
Chardonnay(2-8 years)

Red Wine :
Tempranillo (2-10years)
Barbera (3-10years)
White Merlot (1-3years)
Pinot Noir (2-12years)
Cabernet Sauvignon ((3-15years)

Type of Wine Glasses

Wine glasses varies for the types of wines.  A good wine glass should be clear crystal, and stem should not be too long or short for proper handling.
Examples of wine glasses are : 
Champagne flute
Bordeaux red wine glass
White wine glass
Sherry glass
Port glass

One of the finest maker of glassware is from an Austrian Wine Glass Company, Riedel. See various wine glasses, explore more information on wine colors,  wine serving temperatures and watch video gallery  from their website.