Sunday, May 8, 2011

Safety Tips: Fire Equipment Tools

Smoke detectors serve as an early warning device for the occupants to react giving them the time to ask for help and time to escape.
Place smoke detectors near sleeping areas since most incidents occur during night and early evenings. Do not place a smoke detector near the kitchen, cooking fumes will always put it in active.
Check your smoke detectors periodically if working properly or if battery needs replacement. It will begin to “chirp” every 20 seconds and persist for a month means your battery should be replaced.

It is a safety device to extinguish fires  use for kitchens fat-pan and chip-pan fires or use in fire place with a usual  size of  110 x 110 cm.
Keep the fire blanket in front of your  body  as protection against the flames.
Read instructions carefully in advance so as to be ready if fire occurs.
Usually for single use only, discard after use.
If the fire blanket is not used for atleast 6 months, take it out of the container and inspect it thoroughly.
Discard if damaged or dirty already.
Fire blanket
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Installed sprinkler system at home is another way of protecting fire incident at home. It is affordable and can be connected directly to your standard home plumbing system.
Sprinkler not only controls the fire but also lowers the temperature of the room.
It is advisable to include a home sprinkler system in your list when buying a house, planning to build a home or planning a home improvement.

Fire extinguisher is a common fire protection equipment use for home and commercial places.   Inquire from a local supplier the best type of fire extinguisher for your home.  Once purchased, read carefully the instructions or ask the supplier for proper installation guidelines, and have them an actual demonstration with the family members.  With the help of the trainer, practice holding the fire extinguisher to have an idea of its weight and feel.

Fight the fire and use the extinguisher only with the following conditions :
If the fire is still on its early stage and still containable.
if you know you have a means of escape in case the fire won’t out.
Do not attempt to fight the fire if smoke is  filling the room already.  Secure yourself and get out of the house immediately.  Almost 70% of deaths from fire incidents are caused by suffocation from smoke and fumes.