Friday, April 22, 2011

Ways to Improve Your Kids Appetite

1.  Be creative with the food you serve.  Food preparation and presentation of the meal are very important.  Kids easily get bored with food, it is a challenge to have it an extra appeal to keep their appetite.

2.  Involve your kids in the preparation of their snacks.  Kids loves to get involved, this is an opportunity for them to have fun, and spend time together with you while teaching them how to do simple realty tasty snacks.  Their  eating time will be more enjoyable and exciting.

3..  Do not force the child to eat if he/she does not feel like eating. They will eat if they are hungry but for schooldays, make sure that they will be able to eat breakfast to sustain energy during the day.

4. Do not scold the child during mealtime.   Forcing and scolding  during mealtime are enough reasons  to lose their appetite.  Encourage the child by making stories and talking them to keep their interest to eat.

5.  Limit carbonated drinks, sweets, snacks in between meals.  A child can be hungry if he has not eaten 2 hours before a main meal.

6.  Set good example to your child.  A child will always look up to their parents actions, and they get easily imitate them even in simple things.  Encourage the whole family to eat together and keep the mealtime a pleasant one.  Avoid eating in front of television, computer, and other distractions.

7.  Make sure the prescribed vitamin is taken regularly.  Vitamins helps increase the child's appetite and helps in their growth.