Friday, April 1, 2011

Tips on Buying Used Cars

Buying a car takes a lot of planning, canvassing, inspection, and negotiations.  If you purchased a used car in a bad state, it is not only your money is at risk but also you and your family’s life from accidents.  Here are things needed to be considered  buying used cars :

Decide on what you want.  Know what type of body you like. Be specific so that dealers can easily suggest or offer variety of cars according to your likes.
Be ready with your budget bracket. This is where you draw the line. Up to what range of price bracket that you can negotiate.  This is much easier to choose from the available used cars that are only within your budget.

Choosing your dealer. A second hand car is best if bought from someone you know so you can be sure about the credibility of the seller, and know how the car was used. Otherwise, choose the dealer shop carefully. Consider the years of service of the shop, size, and the credibility to the car business industry. Canvass atleast three to four shops for comparison.

Bring a professional mechanic  with you.  Be cautious if the price of the used car is with an attractive low price. There can be a hidden shortcomings on the condition of the car. If you do not know much about cars, it is advisable to bring a professional mechanic with you. Tires should be inspected well, if the tires have cracked or cut sidewalls insist for a replacement. Ask for the brand of the tires (Goodyear are best) to ensure quality. Let the mechanic checks on the overall condition (including the test drive) and weigh if it is worth the price. As much as possible, know the car mechanical history.  Never get a flooded used car where many problems are expected to arise in the long run.

Negotiate with the best price and with clean documents. If you have trimmed down your choices, negotiate what shop can give the best price and discount. Let the current dealer shop salesman know the offer of the other so they will bid with the lowest. Have all the papers complete, all agreed terms and conditions are written and you have fully understand them before going to a close deal. Check all legal matters as for the transfer of ownership.

Make the final decision if you have a good feeling about it without any small amount of doubt.