Monday, April 25, 2011

British Royal Wedding 2011: Wedding Memorabilia

Various Royal Wedding memorabilias or souvenirs are hitting the shops and online stores as collectors and Royal wedding enthusiasts are eager to get one.  Read more about the Royal wedding souvenirs.

Royal weddiing cup and saucer souvenir.

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Wedding preparations will not be complete without souvenirs or memorabilias especially for a  big event  like the  Royal wedding. Manufacturers of these items are having overnight production to meet the demands of the retail shops.  Here are some of the memorabilia for the wedding;

Gold Plated 5 Pound Coin.  Royal Mint have released the coin with embossed image of the couple with lettering around the edges "Celebrating the Engagement of William and Catherine".

Ceramic Exclusive Royal Cup and Saucer.  This type of souvenir has been a usual for occasions for wedding.  For the Royal wedding, this souvenir is presented in a royal blue gift box with an 8cm high where the picture of the couple and date of the wedding are printed.

Kate Middleton Doll.  A vinyl doll is a limited edition released of Kate Middleton  replica wearing her blue dress.  One of the  most photographed image of Kate and Prince William was during the engagement announcement.

Royal Wedding Paperweight
H.Samuel The Jeweller produced a stunning blue glass paperweight, collectors will surely love this souvenir.
Engagement Ring Replica
A replica of the engagement ring of Kate Middleton and Princess Diana made from 18 carat white gold with blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds.
Royal Engagement Boxes
A heart-shaped memento boxes to commemorate the Royal Wedding but this one from The lid features an intricate design of an interwined W and C, the happy couple initials, and inside is painted the diamond and sapphire engagement ring.

Exclusive Royal Wedding Crown Spoon
A silver crown spoon with an  inscription which reads "Royal Wedding - HRH Prince William - Miss Catherine Middleton - 2011".
Avid royal souvenir collectors like Judith Watkinson from Bradford have collected atleast 6,000 items over the years.   Royal enthusiasts and  tourists will surely love these collections, a remembrance of the special celebration.

This collection is only a remembrance of  the Royal marriage, we can only hope that the marriage bond between the Royal couple, Prince William and Catherine Middleton, is for real and they will be able to withstand the many challenges awaiting.

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