Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Redgage : Promote Your Content While You Earn Money

Redgage is a social bookmarking and social networking website in one where members can earn through uploading content and Redgage activities.

Redgage is an excellent marketing tool to promote your content and earn from your activities. It is also a social networking website where you can interact with other members through commenting and private message features.

Allowed Content for upload
Upload links from your articles,blogs,website, and even your referral links from your other online websites. Aside from links, you can upload photos, videos, and documents.

Benefits of Redgage
Fast and easy upload of content. Just fill up the title,tags,short description, and the link of your content or upload your content (photos,videos, and documents).
The opportunity to promote your content to create traffic while earning money from it. You earn from the pageviews of your content, the more content you have the more opportunity to earn.
Maximum exposure of your profile. Redgage allows you to add your website links to your main profile page for promotion.

Earnings from Redgage
  • Members are paid based from the number of views from their content.  They generate their income from the advertisers published on your content page.
  • Aside from pageviews earnings, get bonuses if your content is chosen and make it to the main page under the Featured section.  The selection is based you're your contnt ratings, number of pageviews, and how many voted or clicked favorite.
  • Daily contests for members where the lucky winner gets 25$.
Payment Method at Redgage Members are paid through a Redgage Visa Card once the minimum payout of 25$ is reached  to be sent to your address.  Future funds  will be sent through wireless transfer where a member can just use the Redgage visa  card as a regular visa card from the earned earnings.

Join Redgage and Start Promoting Your Content While You Earn