Friday, April 22, 2011

Proper Care and Protection of Your Eyes

According to World Health Organization, millions of children are affected, and almost half a million become blind each year especially in developing countries because of Vitamin A deficiency.

Proper food intake and wearing protective gears against eye threats can help save our eyes. Eye threats can be from light,small particles,wind blast, heat, sea spray or some type of ball or puck used in sports. Sometimes we experienced headaches and eye strain especially if working more than 10 hours a day.

Sight-Saving Tips
1.  When reading, good lighting, erect position and proper distance should be practiced. Children should be taught not to be too close to computer or television, and have an allocated time for them to stay so as not to strain their eyes watching or playing games in the computer.

2.  Choose the right toys for children, avoid pointed, sharp-edged and other dangerous toys.
3.  Keep household chemicals and pointed objects beyond the reach of infants and children.
4.  Do not look directly at the sun, bright lights,welding or eclipses.
5.  Avoid touching eyes with dirty hands,towels,handkerchiefs and or other materials.
6.  Have a good sleep, there is no better way to give the eyes a rest with an enough amount of sleep.
7.  Be aware of the warning symptoms of vision problems such as blurring of vision with or without eyeglasses, seeing spots or light flashes, redness,tearing, itchiness,pain,swelling, seeing double, repeated and persistent headache or dizziness.

8.  Have a periodic check up by an optometrist once a year.

9.  If a small particle gets in your eyes, do not rub the affected eye, but rub the other eye instead. If the object can be seen, try to wipe it gently by using the sterile gauze, or the corner of a clean handkerchief. On the other hand, if you still not able to wash it out call a physician immediately to professional remove it as soon as possible.

10.  Vitamin A is good for the eyes health. It helps in body functions such as: vision, gene transcription, immune function, embryonic development and reproduction, bone metabolism, haematopoiesis, skin health and antioxidant activity. Sources of Vitamin A are : liver ,beef, pork, chicken,turkey, fish,carrot, broccoli leaf,sweet potato, butter, spinach,pumpkin, collard greens,cheddar cheese,egg,apricot papaya,mango,milk.

11.  Wear protective gears. Safety glasses to prevent dust particles getting into eyes.
Welding goggles
Welding mask
Solar eclipse glasses
Eye protectors
Swim goggles
Various helmets

12.  Have intervals and take time to relax your eyes.