Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pointers When Visiting the Sick

If a relative or a friend gets sick, we tend to extend our care through visiting them in a hospital. But it is much appreciated if it is done properly, here are some do’s and dont’s when visiting a sick person:

Be aware of the hospital visiting hours before going. Do not come too early and not too late depending on the allowed visiting time. It is not only because of the hospital’s policy, but also to respect the patient’s resting time and as weel as for the family.

If you are going to bring food for the patient, ask first if there food that cannot be taken. Or if you do not have a chance to ask, bring some general food such as breads or fruits (avoid bringing messy food). This can also be for the patient’s companion. Instead of food, a reading material can also be given to the patient.
Be courteous to the hospital staff and avoid loud talking inside the hospital’s premises especially inside the patient’s room.

Do not burden the patient with you own personal topics such as talking about your problems. You are there to cheer and give encouragement.

Be sensitive to what the patient is asking or saying, she/he maybe on the state of pain or feeling uncomfortable that others may not be able to understand. Be considerate of the patient’s emotional state. A sick person tends to be irritable, understanding is needed from the people around.

Offer any help you may extend while you are there to atleast give some ease to the family.  It maybe an errand such as processing hospital papers or buying something outside the hospital that they cannot manage anymore.
Visit should be short and friendly. As much the patient wants you to be around, the patient need to rest and cannot engage in long conversations.

Being in the hospital can be boring for the patient seeing only the four corners of the hospital room, nurses,doctors, and taking series of medicines as everyday routine. It is also normal for them to feel desolate, and lose hope especially for those who have serious illnesses. It is such a relief for them to see other people and will feel that they are important if you have set aside time inspite of your own personal concerns and busy schedule.