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Isle of Wight : A Travel Gem from Hampshire, England

Isle of Wight is a diamond–shaped island located at south coast of Hampshire, England with 2.6 million tourists every year. For most visitors, one trip is not enough to explore the many scenic treats of the island. Visit historic English Heritage places, impressive beaches, rich farmlands, discover wildlife exotic animals, enjoy outdoor adventure activities, and exciting events throughout the year.

The island has sunnier and warmer climate than other UK resort areas that is why it is a favorite family holiday destination since the Victorian era.
The Alum Bay in Needles, Isle of Wight
Magnificient view for tourist.

The Needles  Park (Cowes)
Cowes is a major landmark attraction of the island, and a seaport town known for sailing. It hosts national and international sailing events where the world renowned elite Royal Yacht Squadron are known for.
A breathtaking scenery of Needles Rocks and lighthouse at Alum Bay are one of the Island’s pride. The famous Needles are  the most photographed view  of the island, and considered as one of the wonders of the Southern England.

Alum Glassmaking with 30 years experience, watch craftsmen with a step by step demonstration of glassmaking of perfume bottles,vases, bowls and delightful ornaments.
Glassmaking demo.

Alum Bay Sand Shop. Create your own souvenir using the world famous natural coloured sands.

The Osborne House (East Cowes)
An English Heritage place designed by Prince Albert, this is the  summer home for Queen Victoria.  It is one of the best and grandest gardens on the island.  See  royal family life in the Queen’s private rooms, Victorian landscaping, various planting styles, magnificent trees in almost 50 acres which is free for public viewing.

The Osborne House is a major attraction at Isle of Wight.
 image via wikipedia

More of Isle of Wight
The island was named as the Garden Isle because of its rare plants and animals.

Atleast fifteen species of Dinosaurs bone had been found on the island. According to the National Geographic Magazine, the island is one of the top 7 Dino sites in the world, and the most important in Europe. The Dino list also includes Liaoning Province, China; Bahariya, Egypt; Alberta, Canada; San Juan, Argentina; Ukhaa Tolgod, Mongolia, and the western USA.

The island had attracted famous Writers, Poets, Music Artists, Royal European personalities to name a few.
Charles Dickens, Jr., the most popular English novelist of the Victorian era visited Isle of Wight on 1845, and it was said to be inspired writing his almost autobiographical novel “David Copperfield’ during his stay on the island.

J B Priestley, famous author and playwright .

Jane Austen, the famous author of ‘Sense and Sensibility’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’ visited the Island in June 1813 and mentions the Isle of Wight in Chapter 2 of ‘Mansfield Park’.
Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland visited Alfred Lord Tennyson at his home in Freshwater in 1859.

John Nash, famous Architect. Lived in the island between 1798 – 1835. His major projects are Buckingham Palace and the East Cowes Castle.

Kiera Knightley , Star of “Pride & Prejudice” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” also visited the island for a photoshoot at Osborne House for Hello! magazine in 2004

Callista Flockhart - Of Ally McBeal fame, starred in Fragile, a psychological thriller, filmed on the Island.
Jude Law - Visited with his children in the summer of 2005. Spotted at The Needles Park, Alum Bay on the chairlift with his daughter.

Jimi Hendrix, world renowned guitarist, made his last public performance at 1970’s Pop Festival before his untimely death on the same year.

Isle of Wight Music Festivals previous artists and bands includes David Bowie, REM, Coldplay, The Prodigy, The Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol, Muse, The Rolling Stones, The Police and Amy Winehouse. Among the largest festivals are the International Jazz Festival, Bestival, and Isle of Wight Festival.

BBC News :   Isle of Wight to be energy self-sufficient by 2020