Thursday, April 28, 2011

Internet Sources for the Royal Wedding; Prince Wililam and Kate Middleton

The Royal wedding, the wedding of the century will begin at 11:00 a.m (London Time).  As the world awaits for the special event, the media had flocked London near Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace to bring the latest news through its television and Internet coverage.

If you want to know more of the event, here are some online sources related to the event:

The official website of the Royal Wedding 2011
Follow the British Monarchy in Facebook (share your wedding wishes to the couple) 
Follow verified Twitter account ClarenceHouse 
Know more about the wedding ceremony church - Westminster Abbey
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) wedding coverage
CNN coverage of the Royal Wedding
  • Britain's Future King -  Prince Wiliam just a "regular" day
  • See a CNN documentary on Kate Middleton  - "The Women Who Would Be Queen"
  • Royal wedding speculation report at Tower of London
  • Royal wedding shows Diana's influence lives on
Watch the event at YouTube Live Stream - TheRoyalChannel
Purchase Royal Wedding Souvenirs
Google Earth 3D view of the Royal Wedding Route

  • The procession starts in Westminster Abbey to House of Parliament, Whitehall, Prime Minister’s residence on 10 Downing Street before crossing through the Horse Guards Parade and the Mall and finally to Buckingham Palace where the couple will have their first kiss on public after the wedding.
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