Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to Handle Customer Complaints Effectively

Have you experienced an angry customer? Handling customer complaint is not an easy task to do. Read more about tips on how to handle complaints effectively.

Listen carefully to the customer.  Know and understand  the complaint of the customer  and never interrupt him or her.  Remember that they want to be heard and let the customer release any emotional irritation before saying anything.  This could make the customer feel that you are listening and acknowledging the feelings carefully.

Empathize with the customer.  Repeat the complain and confirm to signify that you got it correctly.  Thank the customer for bringing the problem to your attention for better customer service of the company.

Apologize.  Reasonable and unreasonable complaints are valued by the customer that needs proper attention or customer service.  Apologize for the inconvenience that complain may have affected the customer.

Explain  the reasons  or the company’s side politely.   No matter how angry the customer is, try to remain calm and patient while  you address the complain properly.  Have a clear answer and give data  if necessary to support your explanation.

Take responsibility for action.     Let the customer feel that the complain will be taken into action.  Explain what action you will take to correct the problem.   Commit to give feedback as soon as possible preferably with a given date to assure the customer that the complain will be handled immediately.

End the conversation by  asking the customer for other things that you may be of service aside from the complain.