Friday, April 22, 2011

How to Get a Raise That You Deserve

Getting a raise is what every employee wants. Let your boss know that you are qualified to get a raise.

Working as a team.
Take an extra effort to what is expected from you.  This is an essential to career advancement, show your boss what makes you different from others.  Find ways to improve the report or project assigned to you.   On this way, your boss will take notice that you are focus and interested in your job.

Be flexible in your department functions.  Make your boss feel that you are dependable to fill in other functions in case of absence.  Take time to learn other facets of the department  to assist them when needed.

Have a good sound judgement and be able to make decisions.  There are situations that needs immediate action in case your boss is not around.  Decide on the situation and do your best to solve it at your own level.  If you can solve it yourself, the better.  Your boss will know that you are capable of greater responsibility in the future, and you can be a candidate for promotion.

Be sure your boss knows what your are accomplishing.  A good communication and periodic reports with your boss are necessary to establish a general view of your work and progress.

Get along well with your fellow workers.  It is not enough that you work is excellent, remember that you also need to become a team player in the group.  You are in an organization that you need to work and deal with others.