Friday, April 22, 2011

How to Develop Human Relations in the Office

Good public relations begins with good human relations with people  within the company.  It is the objective of the company to build goodwill inside the office among its employees as well as towards its customers creating good image of the company.

Human relations in the office.

Human relations is the art of getting along with different kinds of people,  during which an atmosphere of trust and confidence is created.

GREET PEOPLE WARMLY.  There is no better way to start the business day  with a smile with co-workers,visitors, and customers.  Even in telephone, a smiling tone of voice is a good gesture towards the person on the other line.

DEAL WITH OTHERS TACTFULLY.   Being tact with others will keep your goodwill with others.  Tact is defined as a  sense of what is fitting and considerate in dealing with others, so as to avoid giving offence or to win good will Be sensitive enough of what  probably irritate others.

BE PERSUASIVE AND NOT ARGUMENTATIVE.  To be persuasive to others is not to force anyone by argumentative approach.  By persuasion, free is  exercise without going through an argumentBy doing this, you will save your energies for  more productive things.

RECOGNIZE THE CHAIN OF COMMAND.  It is important that you know who is your superior where you get direct ordersBut it is always expected that respect is also given to other authorities in the company.

ADDRESS PEOPLE WITH PROPER NAMES AND TITLES APPROPRIATELY.  When dealing with the same rank in the office, the informal manner of addressing the first name is acceptable.  Companies preferences vary about the names and titles should be addressed, in some cases initials are used.  Know your company's practice and be guided accordingly.

SAYING "THANK YOU" AND "PLEASE" ARE NOT OUTDATED.  The magic words still do wonders.  These two simple words conveys courtesy and high regard for others.  It promotes good human relations in the office.

HELP NEW HIREESNew employees are sometimes the victim of office bullying.  They had difficulties in getting along with the new environment because the co-workers around them are not supportive.  Be the person to help them cope up, remember that you are once a new employee yourself and will probably in the future.

BE FRIENDLY BUT NOT TOO PERSONAL.  Friends are gained in the office, but be careful to trust so easily that you end up later with disappointment.  Do not bore others with personal problems as well as brag achievements.

REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE.    "Do not do unto others what you would not like others do unto you".