Wednesday, April 27, 2011

House 101 : Pest Control Household Tips

Tips on do-it-yourself household pest control.  get rid of ants,cockroaches and among others.
Pest control refers to the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest, usually because it is perceived to be detrimental to a person's health, the ecology or the economy.

Here are some do-it yourself tips on household pest control :

Trap ants in the kitchen by keeping a jam jar or bottle with a few drops of honey.  After an hour hundreds of ants will be contained, pour a boiling hot water to totally get rid of them.

Put an end to ants by mixing a tobacco with a little bit of water and pour into ant holes or other areas with cracks and crevices where they congregate.

To get rid of white ants.  Mix a little cam phor powder with liquid paraffin and pour into the infested cracks in furniture and woodwork.
Get rid of Flies.  Leave some mint leaves crushed and spread in a few places around the kitchen.  
Dealing with Mosquitos.  Smoking (burn incence0 on them is a cost saving way of getting rid of them.  The smoke makes the mosquitos fly away as fast as they can, so leave a window open till you have got rid of them all.  Mosquito repellant creams is  advisable specially for children to keep them from insect bites.

When using Insecticides at home.   It should be used with great care since these are considered lethal.  All food should be kept away from spray, pet animals or birds should not enter the room, which has been sprayed until the smell had left the room.  Make sure that pots, pans and plates have been removed in the kitchen.

Have your house fumigated.  Calling a pest control service is worth of your money if it will keep you house pest free and gives you a peace of mind.

Minimize Insect Pests.  Simply by keeping  the house clean, insects accumulate wherever there is dirt or food lying around.  Keep ford covered and get rid of garbage the soonest.  Pour boiling water down the kitchen sink to kill cockroaches at night which normally goes into water pipes.  Another way to prevent the house from pests is to paint walls with white colors.  Cockroaches and mosquitos normally loves dark room.  Paint kitchens, pantries and storerooms with white or with light colors.