Monday, April 11, 2011

Have you experienced chapped lips?

When your lips sore, red, peeling, and you can’t hardly smile you are experiencing  chapped lips.  This is also common during winter when lips gets easily dried up due to coldness.

Here are some ideas to stop dryness :

The magic of lip balm.  This is effective for immediate relief, make sure that you apply lip balm everytime you go out or eat and drink.
Wear lipstick.  Women are more protected  from chapped lips because of lipstick than men.  A creamy lipstick will do to soothe a dried lips.

Drink more water.  It is still best to take  lots of liquids to moisturize the dry lips especially during winter.  ” I recommend several ounces of water every hour” says Dr. Bihova, M.D, a dermatologist clinical instructor at New York University Medical Center.   She adds ” as you age, the ability of your cells  to retain moisture decreases, so your dryness problem may actually increase each winter.  Another way to help counter wintertime dry lips is to humidify your home or  office.”

Avoid licking lips to moisturize.  Most people  tend to lick their lips trying to stop the dryness to moisturize, the moisture  will only evaporates immedialtely and  the lips gets more drier afterwards.

Choose toothpaste that can irritate chapped lips.   Sensitivity and allergic reactions can irritate chapped lips.  There are certain toothpaste especially flavored ones should be avoided, immediately replace toothpaste and other mouthwash if needed.