Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Facts About Austrian Composers : Johann Strauss I and Johann Strauss II

Johann Strauss I (1804 - 1849)
Strauss I was an early Romantic dance music composer who popularized "Radesky March". His music was first played by sailors where his father's Inn was near located at the Danube harbor. Later, he became an orchestra conductor in 1824 and formed his own band in 1825 touring around Europe while he was developing  Viennese waltzes and other dance music. His genius musicality was passed on to his own generation with his composer sons Josef Strauss, Eduard Strauss, and Johann Strauss II following his footsteps. The latter was the most famous one in the family.
Father and son Strauss I and II
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Johann Strauss II (1825 - 1899)
The eldest son of Johann Strauss I was also named as Johann Strauss the Younger, Johann Strauss Jr., Johann Sebastian Strauss or popularly known as the "Waltz King". Like his father, Johann was a composer known for dance waltzes especially the 19th-century music "The Blue Danube" and for his operettas. He contributed a much greater part in revolutionizing waltz in Vienna, other European countries, and even in the United States.

Some other known Austrian composers  :
Carl Czerny (1791-1857), composer, student of Beethoven, known for his piano exercises and pedagogy.
Franz Schmidt (1874-1939), 20th century composer of symphonies and operas, cellist, and pianist.
Anton Bruckner, (1824 - 1896), a virtuoso organist and composer of sacred choral music.