Friday, April 22, 2011

Factors to Achieve Good Voice

Communication is the basic tool of the business which requires an individual voice either through personal or telephone conversation.  The practice of a good voice through communication creates a positive image of the company.
Good voice is an advantage for business.

 The quality of voice depends on the rate, pitch,timbre an volume:

This is the fastness and the slowness of talking.
The rate should be in normal speed.  People will not understand you if you talk too fast nor do not want to be bored and lose interest if you talk too slow.

This refers to the highness or lowness of the voice.
A woman's voice is normally high than of men.   Women should be aware of their pitch, it it's too high listener may get easily irritated.

Resonance is produced by vibration.  Use your mouth, throat, and chest in voice production.

The degree of loudness and softness of voice.  No matter how good what you have to say, you will not be able to communicate well if you talk so soft that the listener can't hear.  Moderate volume is necessary for proper communication.

Most of the business transactions are done through talking and especially for offices who are service oriented.  A good voice is one of the main requirements for sales person, customer service and frontliner positions who will  represent the company.

Improve your voice :
First evaluate your voice  by attempting to record it  and play to hear it.  Identify your voice problems.  Consider the following questions :
Is your words spoken clearly and pronounced correctly?
Is my voice pleasant or harsh and dull?
Do i sound cheerful?
Is my voice interesting and with proper pausing?