Saturday, April 2, 2011

Factors that Causes Work Related Stress and How to Deal with them Effectively

Being in the workplace or in an office with many hours than at home fills a larger part of our life dealing with cluttered  files, workloads, deadlines, demanding boss, dealing with other co-workers etcetera.  Now you experience stress all over your body, much worse, creating a problem in your personal relationship with your family.  It is either you make your life miserable or wake up one morning and  decide that you want a fresh start to get your life back.  Here are three power factors to knock you down with stress and how to deal them effectively :

With the availability of  advance technology as part of work,  life is becoming  too fast that we need to adapt with the changing world.  Even you are on thousand miles away from your physical office, virtual office had become the trend.  Either you are at home or away on vacation, you are haunted by work related matters that causes stress.  Depending on the nature of the job, accessibility is necessary for on-call practitioners and those are in the service industry.  If you have chosen to have that kind of work, you should be ready to face the challenges and find ways to deal with it effectively.   With those working in corporate office, you should decide where to draw the line where you can only allow work matters gets in your personal life.  Do not be pressured into responding immediately to e-mails, voicemail and responding to phone calls.  Allocate appropriate time for it according to importance.

Stress is sometimes caused by people around you in the workplace.  A intimidating and demanding boss giving deadlines can creates too much stress.  Another may come from co-workers who by nature just want to bully others especially for new hires in the office.  Accept the fact  that you cannot please everybody. For the demanding boss, prove that you are worth  the job by doing even more than what he requires to do.Create an  efficient and cheerful image that in due time others will better know you and gain their respect too.

Procrastination is the result of a wasted time for not doing or delaying to work on the essential task.  It is either you do not want to do it  or just having wrong priorities in the workloads.  Once it  builds up, it causes stress.  Planning ahead and effective time management are the keys for productivity and helps reduce stress.  Deal with the task as soon as it lands in your desk, is it urgent or can it be done later? Act on it or keep it on file? Or maybe, you can just delegate the task immediately to appropriate person.

The challenge is to balance work over personal life and how to find time for yourself.  Take time to relax, pamper yourself with a massage, spend time with friends and family.  Then we can go back to work with a refresh spirit and a lot more energy.  When in a vacation or holiday, do not forget to spell it out.  As in H-O-L-I-D-A-Y.  You know what I mean right?

Stress is part of the game, you just need to know how to play it well.  Control stress before it controls your life.