Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Essential Things to Consider for Your Wedding (Part 2)

Aside from wedding rings and reception venue (Essential Things To Consider For Your Wedding (Part 1), the bride's over-all look and the honeymoon location are the other essential things to consider for your wedding.

The Bridal Gown and Make-Up
The bride is the most important individual of the event especially when she walks on the isle before her groom waiting at the end. The bridal gown and the over-all look will make or break the romantic images of the wedding.  Things to consider when choosing your gown :
  • Personal style that reflects your personality or uniqueness whether  on a  traditional or a more creative edgy styles. 
  • Body type should highlight your physical  assets and minimize the flaws. 
  • Comfort while you wear the perfect gown, the event is your big day so you should be comfortable enough to enjoy it.  
The bride's total look is also important too.  Good bridal make-up, beauty rest, and some beauty regimen before the wedding will gives you an extra glow during the wedding.  Work closely with your designer and stylist who will bring out the best in you.

The Honeymoon Getaway
After all the planning, exhausting preparations, and ceremony, the couple's much awaited part of the wedding is the honeymoon where they can finally enjoy together.  Choosing your honeymoon getaway will depend on the budget allocated whether a trip abroad or just a nearby beach location.  Budget-friendly locations such as camping, visiting the countryside, or staying on a local hotel can be a perfect location for honeymoon.  The most important thing is the quality time and the unforgettable experience you will share with your partner.