Friday, April 22, 2011

Decluttering and Turn Your Trash Into Cash

 Do we realize that there are items or actually trash that we can turn into cash?

Major house cleaning is one of the activities every holiday vacation especially before Christamas time. What a good way to prepare our house for the season is by cleaning and decluttering. Throughout the year, we accumulated items that are just sitting in the boxes or cabinet that only eats up space in our house. Things that can be from impulse buying (short period of use after we purchased them, normal items are clothes and personal accessories). Some items comes as gifts which not been able to use at all.

Set a schedule for this activity and take the whole day off Involve the family to this activity, a combined effort will make it more successful and fun to everyone. Children will learn the value of orderliness and eventually organize their own things.
Identify and categorize the items for sorting. Label them as "for keeps" which can still be of use, "items for share" which you can just share to your friends or relatives, "for disposal" and lastly, "items for sale" which will be an excellent source of generating additional funds for the Christmas shopping.
Check these items if just piling up too much of your house space :
Old electronic and computer related accessories. Technology is changing rapidly and devaluate so easily. In such a short period of time, Do you still have that old "VHS Player" in your garage or a 5-kilo video camera? Do you still remember your excitement when they are onced to be a hot gadgets?. Machines like printers,fax machine,old mobile, camera, speakers, and etcetera. Unless you want to keep them as a memorabilia items, better dispose them to save space.
Old clothes. Do you still have your kids clothes since birth? Now your 15-year old teens have grown so much that it is time for you to let go of their small clothes.

Children toys and books. Defective toys can be disposed already while slightly worn-out books that can be fixed can be for "items for share". The value of books are worth keeping for other children's use.

Outdated magazines and other printed materials. Some back-issues of magazines are still can be sold for a cheaper price or in garage as part of scrap items.

Kitchen cooking wares and plastics. Most moms are accustomed to have so many kitchen wares that some of them are not utilized for years. Better to have them out of your kitchen and just retain the most useful ones.

After decluttering, so what comes next? It is time to get the "items for sale " get going. Our Christmas list will give us more motivation to generate some funds. Here are some ways how to sell your items :

• Organize a garage sale on your backyard or join a car boot on Sundays
• Sell or trade some items with your friends
• Sell your items through the Internet, upload them in your blog or website, Ebay, or other local buy and sell websites. Check if you have antique items which can be sold at a great price.