Friday, April 1, 2011

Challenges Confronted by Parents in Motivating their Child in School

Doing homework with child can be gruelling and sometimes can be stressful, the child can lose interest and just stop from going. It is sometimes hard to explain something in a language that they can easily understand.  And so many other things that parents are confronted  with their child’s school  related matters.  Here are some practical tips in motivating your child in school :

  • Periodic Physical examination of the child. Maintaining your child’s good health is the first priority of every mother or parents. Poor health will directly affect the school attendance and performance.  A healthy kid will be more physically and academically alert.
  • An everyday challenge for parents is to how to persuade their child to eat especially when beating the  time for school.  Children prefer certain food texture, they like crisp foods contrary to slimy foods.  Improve your child appetite by being creative in food preparation to give an extra appeal.
  • Prepare variety of health pack lunch to keep the energy and endure the demands of school activities.
  • Set a study area for the child, this will avoid distractions while studying away from television and other distractions.
  • Train your child to organize her/his day from doing homework, hobbies,play and resting time. On this little way, she/he will be more responsible in school.
  •  For a busy mom who balances work over family responsibilities, time is gold.     When it comes to homework, some parents does the short-cut. It means that giving the answers to the homework instead of  helping the child learn.  Give the child enough time and patience to  learn.  Make sure that the child understand the homework and be able to answer them on their own especially when already in school. 
  • Appreciate your child achievements even the smallest ones.  This will motivate your child to do better things at home or in school.
  • Encourage your child to talk about school experiences. Let her/him talk about the teachers, classmates,friends, and other activities. On this way, you will learn from your child if something is bothering him/her that would be a hindrance to school performance.  Respond to your child’s problem and identify solutions to help your child.  Go to school if necessary and talk to concerned people as well.
Above all these things, children needs proper discipline, comforting words, warmth touch, and good environment  in the family that will help them build self esteem and  be motivated to excel in school.