Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Benefits of Internet on the Life of Senior Citizens or Elderly

Research shows that every second one senior  is added to the aging population of the world so as the growing popularity of senior citizens going online is increasing. The benefits of Internet are tremendous helping them to live happier life after retirement.

Mental benefits.  Knowledge of the Internet will help the senior citizens improve their mental alertness. Aside from the vast information from the Internet, it is also a great source for video games. Why video games? According to the Psychology and Aging magazine, playing video games helps improve the cognitive functions of seniors which normally decline during old age. Strategy video games helps in keeping their brains razors sharp, and improve their eye-hand coordination. Gaming Industry is now looking into possibility of developing more video games tailored for seniors, and that they will be their highest next target market in the future.

Establish a home-based online business.  Seniors who worked specially from corporate office for so many years will still have the opportunity to earn after retirement. Examples are selling products, stock photography, and offer services online. Another freelance home based job is to be an content online writer.  It enables them to share their expertise, knowledge and wisdom acquired through the years.

Shopping is just one click away.  Purchasing online is the best thing that happened for seniors. It means that they can shop in the comfort of their home since mobility is their main concern.

Explore the world through the Internet. Not all seniors have the chance to travel due to financial and health reasons. Now the Internet gives the seniors atleast the opportunity to explore the world more by browsing and watching videos online . The Internet is a tool to continue learning by browsing the Internet to get more information especially about health and fitness. Watching tutorial videos related to their interests such as painting, playing the piano, gardening, flower arrangements, cooking, travel, and among others.YouTube is the most popular video site for various categories.

Emotional benefits.  Uplift the spirit through online communication with family and friends. It enhanced self-esteem, a more cheerful outlook, gain independence, and feel much happier that they still experience  to interact more to people.  The Internet creates new life for them and that makes them feel young again.

Instant Messengers : Skype and Yahoo Messenger are the two most popular free service chat providers that seniors can avail. Video conferencing is the most satisfying experience that enable them to see live and talk with their loved ones who are away from home.
Facebook is the most popular social networking site that brings family and friends together. Share photos, chat online, play games, search old friends and more. What an exciting experience to reconnect with old friends to whom they have lost throughout the years.

Help build grandparents relationship with their grandchildren.  Many seniors or grandparents feel they are being left behind because they cannot cope up with the world. With Internet knowledge, seniors can still catch up with their grandchildren bridging the gap between them. Having a common activity together in the Internet with the grandparents and the grandchildren helps build a better relationship.