Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Basic Guide on How to Earn Money Online

Making money online is an alternative way to earn extra income. More websites are sprouting like mushrooms everyday related to online business. Thus, Internet became the fastest tool in business and social networks. Here are ways to earn online and some tips on getting started :
Online home-based jobs

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Ways to Earn :
1. Sell items online on Ebay, other Buy and Sell websites
2. Blogging - monetize blog through Google Adsense Ads, Pay to Post or creating links directed to Advertisers, Affiliate Programs, Banner placements to get new referrals from your other online sites.
3. Pay to write articles ( Bukisa, Wikinut) , review products, pay to post to certain forums or social networking sites (Mylot).
4. Pay to click Advertisers ads
5. Pay to read (Readbud)
6. Pay to play games, uploading and sharing files
7. Data Entry Services - filling out and answering survey forms
8. Freelance Services - specially for Virtual Assistants,copywriters, Transcriptionists, Researchers, Graphic & Web Designers and Programmers

Basic tips on getting started :
Choose among the different ways to earn you want to embark in. Your choice may depend on your field of interest, skills, resource materials and the amount of time you are capable and willing to shell out for it. Blogging is the most popular one, and can be also self rewarding but requires time in developing the site and commitment to readers for updated post. If you do not want to be bothered by website operation, better to write for a content site where you can only focus on writing articles and promoting it.
A combination of these ways to earn can be simultaneously be done as long as you can manage them well with your time and no effort will be wasted juggling to different activities.

Check websites you will be joining.
Always read the FAQ page, terms and conditions specially on their payment process. Read others review on the site.
Be aware of online security. Separate personal email from your online business and create unique passwords for your sites.  Separate email is not only for the purpose of security, but also it is much easier to view your emails as sometimes with online business, your inbox will be flooded with site updates, promotional emails and other unwanted messages.

Marketing your work or products.  Keep updated with the latest marketing tool and social networking sites to optimize your marketing activities.  Observe and learn from others ways how to do marketing effectively.

There are no instant online millionaire, it takes time to establish oneself online usually one or two years before one can grasp it and be successful with it. Time management, improved skills, hard work, established online network, good marketing skills and a lot of PATIENCE are needed in order to have a successful online career.