Sunday, April 3, 2011

Annoying Habits of an Officemate

Working with other people is one of the challenging part of every job especially if you are in a corporate world.  That is why putting a business or starting an online  home-based business is becoming popular.  Being your own boss and not having too much pressure in personal dealing with others are one of the options one can have. 

Newly hires are often bullied by overpowering seniors in the office where they take advantage of the situation.  Some cannot stand the challenge and resigns while others overcome dealing with these bullying type of people.  

Blaming Others
Who wants to be blamed by someone who tend to blame others always.  In most cases, people who easily blame others is the one most to be blamed.  Blaming others is an easy escape to avoid responsibility from a difficult  situation. 

As always, no one likes a gossiper especially if you are part of the gossip.   Gossip is one of the common activities in the office where to some becomes a fun activity.
Constant complainer
Having an officemate mumbling beside you can be annoying.  The person tells negative things all the time and  keep on complaining about different aspects of the job and about the company.

Makes annoying noise all the time

Tapping on the table, eating audibly, keyboard noise, and  loud mobile ringtone are some of the common noises that are irritating to hear especially if you are concentrated working on your own.

Constant borrowing without returning properly
Borrowing from others is common among employees,  but it is very annoying if one keeps on borrowing things and do not know how to return properly.  Worst, you still need to ask for it when you already need it.
So, what can you do to these type of people and situations?  The important thing to do is to let them know what you feel and you are not happy with what they are doing.  This can be done in a polite way where they will not be offended.  But if the situation needs to confront  them with a dircet statement, do so, since other people do not realize it unless you stick it on their face.  
Learning to say “no” appropriately and not to trust others easily are other ways to deal with these annoying officemates.