Thursday, March 17, 2011

Travel Tips : Things for your Luggage Bag

Careful planning will save you from forgetting something (imagine the stress when it happens), and for unexpected buying of necessary things which is usually costly at destinations. Here are some tips on planning, and a list of essential things to bring :

Write it down. There is no better way to start planning than making a list of things to do and things to bring. This will guide us through the whole preparation process.

Travel lightly.  Every traveler do not want to be bothered about carrying a burden of luggage, so make it a goal to pack all things as lightly as possible.

Make sure that your luggage bag is just enough for your things, some travelers also prefer to have a distinct color rather than the common colors such as black and blue. This will help you easily spot your luggage during arrival. Make sure luggage tag is complete with your name and correct contact details.

Essential toiletries. Bring small containers of your toiletries and take only as much as you need. Zip-lock plastic bags are useful for small things and compressing the items.

On clothing, bring enough underwear and socks up to the last day of the trip. Choose clothes that are neutral colors, and can easily mix and match. Carry a light trench coat so you can still manage to bring your carry-on bags.

Bring two pair of shoes. Wear one and pack one. Traveling usually takes a lot of walking so make sure that you have a good pair of walking shoes to fully enjoy your trip.
Luggage bag for your travel

For men : a travel electric shaver

For women: cosmetics kit and other beauty regimen products that might not be available at destination place.
For overseas trip, check the country voltage in advance.   It is always safe to bring a 110/220 volt power converters.

For carry-on bag, it is advisable to have a large outsize zippered compartments as well as multiple compartments inside.

Airline tickets, passport, visa, tour vouchers, travel insurance (give copies of your travel insurance and itinerary to any of your relatives or trusted person in case of emergency), a list of contact details ( or have it saved in your mobile) of your accommodation, relatives, or any business contacts at destination.

An emergency medical kit that contains basic medicines for a cold remedy, upset-stomach, band-aids, and liniment oil to warm the body.

Always check airline luggage policies to avoid hassles at the airport.