Thursday, March 31, 2011

Freelancing : How to Use Microsoft Excel to Manage Your Online Activities

Home-based business which includes freelancing online is one the most in-demand jobs these days whether be a part-time or full time.  This goes specifically with online writers who juggle on different writing content sites in order to increase earnings.  Time management, skills, personal organization are those factors that would help a freelancer achieve success.  One excellent tool in managing your online activities is using the simple software, Microsoft Excel.

  • The spreadsheet software is one of the most common installed in computers and readily available for use.
  • It allows you to create multiple sheets for different categories. Sample sheets may include  Earnings, My Websites, Consolidated Articles, Marketing and Promotions. Another sheet can be created for your inactive websites and other details that you still want to keep for future reference.  You may create your own categories and many sheets according to your needs.
  • Search each sheet easily using "Control Find" feature (Press ^F).

Monitor your earnings.   It is much easier to track down your earnings with automatic computation using the formulas while it give you an overview of your achievements and evaluate your progress.  Updating can be done daily  every time you logged in and checks your current earnings.  You can create a monthly columns with a yearend total at the end.
Consolidate your articles.  A freelancer writes for different content writing sites with various topics.  A consolidated sheet will help you find your articles, get the links, and use them for promoting  in social networks and search engines.  Backlinking across your different websites is one way of increasing page views for your articles, while sorting by category, you can easily link them to each other and most useful if you have a blog.  Sort your data by ranging all data press ^A, from pull down menu choose "data", choose "sort by" according to your labels either by title, category, websites depending on what order you want.

Consolidate your online website details.  This will help[p you maximize your time finding details of your online activities.  Referral links are always in use to gain more referrals and having it in one sheet will make it easier to work well.  It will save time logging in on a particular website and check your referral link.  Sample details may include the Website Name, username, password code (optional), referral links, payout details, and other useful links for easy reference. At the top, you may include your target plans and other things to do online.

You may or may not put a password to your file depending your own personal preference.